Wednesday, December 07, 2005

inteligint Desine

Sometimes I think that people promoting creationism and/or intelligent design aren't very logical. Today, I am convinced of this.

By logical, I mean "clear and consistent". ( agrees with me, as it happens).

Yesterday, a Kansas University professor Paul Mirecki got tailgated (by a large pick-up truck!) and then beaten up. It seems that no long-term damage to the guy was done, but its still uber-crappy. The reason? Mirecki was set to teach a course which called Intelligent Design a mythology. However this course got cancelled after Mirecki sent an indiscrete email calling his course a big slap in the fat face of fundies. (Keep it for spoken dialogue!! I have a personal policy of never writing down anything I wouldn't be happy for _everyone_ to read. Especially electronically: won't you please think of the forward, or the bcc options?). Mirecki said the attackers made reference to his course while beating him.

Anyway, lack of clarity and consistency. These pick-up truck drivers are beating for Jesus! I know enough about christianity to know that that's just stupid. The phrase "fucking for virginity" comes to mind. What is the point of christianity if it is not to follow christian principles? In other words, if you are not consistent in the way you apply principles, why insist that these principles are too sacred to dispute?

Consistency is a fundamental rule of holding a logical position. If one applys a position inconsistently, they hold it not at all. I have no sympathy for people who call themselves "mostly vegetarian" with "just a bit of red meat for my iron levels". You are either vegetarian or you are not, this contradiction is not compatible. Of course, for all its apparent simplicity, the rule of consistency is terribly hard to apply. It is often easy to see what ought to be done to fulfill the criteria of consistency. But because people are so very prey to their emotions, they favour their own interests so far above those of others as to be inconsistent when there is some short-term benefit to be had. E.g., "all people should follow the peaceful teachings of Christ, except me while I kick the crap out of this here infidel".

In short, I have contempt for the actions of these Christians. In the same way, I have contempt for the actions of atheists or agnostics when they are inconsistent with their own positions. If your theory can't step up to the challenge, refine or relinquish!!

Coming next: why intelligent design is stupid.

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