Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tasty Winter Salad

1 cup of hot freshly boiled chick peas (boil extra, make hummus)
150g orange kumara, diced
half a red onion
two red tomatoes
half an avocado
a few heads of broccoli, lightly steamed
a good sprinkling of picked peppercorns
juice of one lemon
salt and pepper
optional: olive oil, satay sauce

Microwave the kumara on high for five minutes, stir in the chickpeas, onion, tomatoes and avo.
Add the broccoli, steamed, and season then stir and serve.


Robin said...

I made this tonight. It was yum! Good combos, Helen. Had tahini and brussels sprouts on the side.

Helen said...

Sounds fabulous. I confess I had a side of toast with mine. Definitely a tasty cheap and seasonal meal with nice nutritional balance. Will make again.