Saturday, April 01, 2006

National Front march in 2004 with pics

Here are some pics from the National Front march and counter-rally in Wellington, NZ, on a Saturday in late November 2004.

There are some curious characters in these. One photo is of the stock-protest-punk-counter-hegemony crew that attend every single left-wing march ever to occur within walking distance of their abode. Topic? No, it honestly doesn't matter, if its Left, these guys'll be there.

I'm right behind civil action and keeping informed about what's going on in your community, but the exercise of judgement in doing this is crucial too, I think. Your cause loses a lot of credibility when you attend every possible form of left-leaning protest. I understand also that a bunch of "pro diversity" marchers physically attacked some NF members: I note gross hypocrisy out of faux anarchists.

Two photos are of the National Front members themselves. See if you can pick them. I asked Kyle Chapman (I think he's spokesperson, or president?) what he thought of the view that national borders are arbitrary. He pursed his lips.

One if of my friend that I shall refer to as X, holding up a sign that says "Free Immigration! Free Trade! Sick of National Socialism? Try International Capitalism". At least his statement is thought provoking. And lord knows that plenty of the attendees at this march needed all provocation possible in the direction of independent thought.

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